Christmas tree hunt




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No Flash Photography



On the Aladdin ride at Disneyworld.

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Ted, moments before he yanked out the sword and became the rightful ruler of England.

2014-11-26 10.39.02

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Trying out their mouse hats before our trip to Disney.20141124_192505-SMILE

Hiking in the forest.IMG_20141102_120555-SMILE

Every game is a two-player game when you have a little sister.

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Kids in motion, in Florida

2014-11-28 10.55.22-MOTION

2014-11-28 17.58.39-MOTION 2014-11-28 11.07.15-MOTION 2014-11-25 16.43.43-MOTION

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Equine adventures


More pics from our Florida trip!  We got to visit the therapeutic horse farm where Gram is an instructor, and Ted, Sarah, Abby, and Kate got to ride Doodle (aka Superior Generator) the Wonder Horse around the equine obstetrical course.  Lots of fun!

Sarah at the reins (with Kate and I walking beside her).

2014-11-28 10.35.12

Ted did very well.  Not his first time on a horse.


All three kids approve of this horse!

2014-11-28 11.07.09-SMILE

This horse worked hard!  Carrot and apple time!

2014-11-28 11.25.44 2014-11-28 11.26.12

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We got to go to Disney World when we were in Florida last month!  Pops and Gram took us and Kristen, Josh and Abby there, and it was crazy fun.  We went on a ton of rides, saw all sorts of cool stuff, and managed to leave  at the end of the day with happy, un-screaming children.  Lots of planning, snack breaks, and stroller rentals were key to a happy day.

What we did in one day there:

– The Jungle Cruise
– Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride
– Small World
– Mad Tea Party (Tea Cups)
– People Mover in Tomorrowland
– Race Track in Tomorrowland
– Met Rapunzel and Cinderella
– Watched a character show at castle
– Buzz Lightyear ride
– Dream Character performance at the castle
– Rode the Frontier train
– Pirates of the Caribbean
– Dream Parade on Main St.
– Frozen castle lighting
– Supper in Tomorrowland cafe

Not bad for a single day outing. Here’s Ted in front of the castle.2014-11-26 12.05.36

The girls enjoyed meeting Rapunzel and Cinderella.
2014-11-26 13.31.53

Gram and Ted on the Tram.  We also got to ride the Monorail!

Auntie Kristen, Uncle Josh, and Abby on the tea cups!IMG_20141126_113441

Ted and Pops going ridiculously fast.IMG_20141126_113605

The girls dancing in front of the castle. IMG_20141126_142338


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