Sarah is thirty-nine months old

Thirty-nine month old Sarah can be a little serious sometimes.  Here she is wearing my specs and making her serious face. At her age, Ted was very serious about PB&Js.11007877_1416650695297595_504893824_n

But she’s not serious all the time by any means.  She’s usually a very cheerful active three year old.  Here she is at the park, enjoying the first non-icy day we had in a while.
2015-02-22 16.28.09

Thirty-nine month old Sarah is like this close to having pig tails.20150227_172306 2015-02-22 16.26.10

We got to visit a friend’s house for a birthday, and Sarah got to play some video games. I think she liked them.
2015-02-08 16.04.31

Notes about Sarah:

* Sarah’s still very much in to her gymnastics class, though we missed a few classes during the last month because of the weather.  Her neighborhood friend Megan goes with her now, and that makes it pretty exciting for her.

* Thirty-nine month old Sarah had her 3yr checkup, doing well.  The next week she had an ear infection.  All cleared now.

* Sarah’s an avid Uno player now, joining our family games.  She also enjoys Hungry Hungry Hippos, Sorry, and a My Little Pony board game.

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Ted is eighty-three months old

This is eighty-three month old Ted at the playground, doing his thing.  This was one of the few days during the month that he was able to play at a playground – we had two weeks’ worth of snow/slush/ice cancelling all sorts of school during the month.  He and Sarah did get to play outside in the snow some.  They also spent a lot of time indoors, kind of like during our winter last year.

2015-02-22 16.28.53-1

Eighty-three month old Ted was there to help celebrate my 432nd monthiversary.  He wrote and illustrated a book about the two of us, walking on a trail together.  It’s pretty great.


Kate found a half-day Lego robotics class to take during this month, so he and I drove to Meredith college in Raleigh and he got to build moving Lego machines and programmed them with a computer!  I was pretty jealous.


We also went to the Greensboro Science Center to soak in some science and hang out with the penguins there.  Here’s Ted looking into a microscope in the great human body exhibit there. 

Also during this month:

* Did did a few sleepovers with a school friend, and we went to another friend’s birthday party.

* We’ve been watching a lot of How to Train Your Dragon and it’s sequel, and cartoon shows, too. They’re good!

* Ted’s still very much into Ninjago, and has started watching the Lego Chima show, as well.

* Ted read a real honnest-to-goodness comic book this month.  Gram sent up a bunch of my old weird 90’s comic books, and there was a Ninja Turtles one in there that Ted read.


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Waffle Power!
2015-01-16 07.45.46

Early morning reading.
2015-01-18 10.37.28

Running on the bridge over the Neuse river.
img_January_25__2015_at_0410PM (2)


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Modern fatherood

Gonna call this out – being able to play video games with your kids is pretty great. We’ve got a Wii, a basket full of Wiimotes, and MarioKart now (thanks Kristen, Josh, and Abby!), and Ted’s apprenticeship is going well.

2015-01-10 15.53.42

Sarah’s got a way’s to go on Mario games, but does really well with the Wii fitness games.

2015-01-02 19.45.50

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Working hard


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Here’s Ted building his latest Lego model, a Ninjago fortress.
2015-01-11 13.52.52 2015-01-11 13.51.46 2015-01-11 13.53.24 2015-01-11 13.54.15 2015-01-11 15.07.24

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Sarah is thirty-eight months old

Here’s thirty-eight months old Sarah wearing a paper sweatband and making a tiara. Her gymnastics class had a princess theme afternoon this past month, and Sarah dove right in. She really likes her gymnastics class (and instructor, also named Sarah). This was her first drop-off-and-the-parents-get-to-leave activity, and Kate and I got to go have breakfast together.

2015-01-30 12.08.08

This is Sarah pretending to be asleep, and asking Kate specifically to photograph her doing it.  She’s also eating grapes – she loves fruit of all kinds, especially grapes, cuties, pears, and blueberries.

2015-01-29 12.36.21

Thirty-eight month old Sarah handles the rain in stride.  She’s on her way (with Kate) to pick up Ted from school.  Most days the two of them walk up to meet him out near the school to walk him home.  Usually there’s a stroller involved, and sometimes Sarah will walk some/most of it.  We’re lucky to live in a relatively low traffic neighborhood so we can make walking part of our lives.

2015-01-26 15.15.32

Sarah loves books, enjoys looking through them and being read to. I think she very much wants to be able to read on her own!


Thirty-eight month old Sarah is also the kind of person who runs up to a poster and asks to have her photo taken.  Much like her brother at her age.

2015-01-17 16.29.01-SMILE

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