Sarah and the cat


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Team work


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Sarah is twenty-eight months old

Sarah is twenty-eight months old! And just like twenty-eight month old Ted, Sarah loves puzzles.  She also still takes naps. Likes dinosaurs, and likes to shout “I did it!” and other cute little sentences.

Also, if she asks for help filling the watering can, be prepared. She will ask you to refill it a dozen more times while she waters every plant.

2014-03-20 11.46.51

Twenty-eight month old Sarah loves books!  She’ll bring them over to Kate or I and ask us to read them. And she loves boots!  She sometimes insists on wearing her pink rain boots when going out.

2014-03-06 11.34.13

Here’s a pic of Sarah meditating in her baby-doll’s empty bath tub. She has not had a hair cut yet.  It’s pretty wild in the back, still kinda short up front.  She also sometimes wears Ted’s old PJs.  

2014-03-21 09.40.39

Sarah stacks blocks. Nothing new, but always amazing to watch.

2014-03-21 09.48.52

Twenty-eight month old Sarah was cordially invited to Ted’s sixth birthday party at the bounce house and had an awesome time.  She decorated this mask, and then went down the slide a few dozen times.



More Sarah notes:

* She’s was on an Auntie Christine kick for a couple of months, asking to see her constantly.
* When Auntie did arrive, she got Sarah to sing “Grandpa Grandpa Grandpa!”  Which was nice, because Grandpa Al was visiting us!

* She likes scootering, though has not learned how to steer or slow herself down.

* Talks in full sentences, asks questions, and says “thank you” most of the time.

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Ted is seventy-two months old

Ted’s been with us for seventy-two months now!  In that time, he’s become a boy who’s bright, curious, thoughtful, occasionally spacey, and happy.

This post got me thinking about what life was like last year at this time. Things now are a way calmer then they were a year ago.  Now Ted has some time to slack in our back yard.


Seventy-two month old Ted got to see the Lego Movie at our local theater. I think he was content to wait for it to come out on video, but all the other dads got to take their kids, and I wanted in on the action, too, so I made him go with me.  He loved it, to the surprise of no one. I thought it was great, too!  Kids today have no idea that they are living in a guided age of awesome movies and tv shows.


After the movie we had shakes.


Also during his seventy-second month:

* Ted turned six!  This kid got some pretty awesome presents from friends and family.  This kid is the luckiest.

* Swim lessons!  Twice a week at the local pool. One of his former preschool teachers is running it.  He did pretty well.  Still a little weirded out about sticking his head under water.  He just wrapped up a session, and will probably start more soon.

* Grandpa Al came to visit for his birthday!  They got to hang out, read together, make cookies, and ride a new bike he gave Ted for his birthday.   (Auntie demonstrating here):


* Training wheels are off, but there’s lots more practice to go when it comes to bike riding.  Ted’s still primarily a scooter guy.

* Auntie Christine came to visit for Ted’s birthday too! They went to Marbles, ate cake, opened presents, acted silly, and conspired with Grandpa to give Kate and I date night.

* Ted had an awesome (AWESOME) birthday party at a bounce house with 22 of his closest friends.  There were so many kids there, it was loud!  Sarah was a maniac on the slide.

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Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Our neighborhood has an annual Easter egg hunt. Sarah and Ted and hundreds of other kids ran around collecting eggs filled with candy and prizes. Saw lots of friends and neighbors, too.

2014-04-05 15.50.41

2014-04-05 16.00.32

In the 0-2 year old class, Sarah did really well.

2014-04-05 16.02.00

Competition was fierce in the 5-6 year old group – lots of kids and not a lot of eggs. Still lots of fun, though.


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We take a lot of pictures of these kids.



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