Abby and Sarah hanging out

Eating lunch.


Dancing at the Marbles kida museum.


Chilling on a bench at snack time.


Watching Dinosaur Train together.


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First Easter in our new house.  Very different from last Easter in Wilmington.  And we have visitors this year!  Kristen, Josh, and Abby are here with us. Abby helped us find eggs when we got up on Easter morning.




Here they are, examining the haul.


We went to visit friends across town (thanks Peter and Kate!) and we had a great meal and got to catch up.  The girls got to feed ducks!


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Abby is visiting!

And her parents, too!  We’re very glad to have them all here.

She’s in this photo, I swear.  We couldn’t get Ted to smile and not wave.


Here’s Ted, Abby, and Sarah tearing it up on the swing set. Pretty sure Ted’s about to go jump to hyperspace on that swing there.


Lots of fun hanging out, Easter, parks, and some bonding time for Sarah and Abby.


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Spring break



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Sarah and the cat


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Team work


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Sarah is twenty-eight months old

Sarah is twenty-eight months old! And just like twenty-eight month old Ted, Sarah loves puzzles.  She also still takes naps. Likes dinosaurs, and likes to shout “I did it!” and other cute little sentences.

Also, if she asks for help filling the watering can, be prepared. She will ask you to refill it a dozen more times while she waters every plant.

2014-03-20 11.46.51

Twenty-eight month old Sarah loves books!  She’ll bring them over to Kate or I and ask us to read them. And she loves boots!  She sometimes insists on wearing her pink rain boots when going out.

2014-03-06 11.34.13

Here’s a pic of Sarah meditating in her baby-doll’s empty bath tub. She has not had a hair cut yet.  It’s pretty wild in the back, still kinda short up front.  She also sometimes wears Ted’s old PJs.  

2014-03-21 09.40.39

Sarah stacks blocks. Nothing new, but always amazing to watch.

2014-03-21 09.48.52

Twenty-eight month old Sarah was cordially invited to Ted’s sixth birthday party at the bounce house and had an awesome time.  She decorated this mask, and then went down the slide a few dozen times.



More Sarah notes:

* She’s was on an Auntie Christine kick for a couple of months, asking to see her constantly.
* When Auntie did arrive, she got Sarah to sing “Grandpa Grandpa Grandpa!”  Which was nice, because Grandpa Al was visiting us!

* She likes scootering, though has not learned how to steer or slow herself down.

* Talks in full sentences, asks questions, and says “thank you” most of the time.

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