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Board game time. Things are getting serious.

Board game time. Things are getting serious.

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2015-03-29 12.20.53-ANIMATION

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Grampa and Grandma flew up to visit us last month!  We had cake for Ted’s birthday, took a walk on the Neuse river, and visited the Marbles Kids Museum.

IMG_20150321_130500 20150322_132657 2015-03-22 11.44.34

There was also dancing, cooking, some grandchild spoiling in the toy aisle, and general hanging-out and having a good time.


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Cousins and Auntie Christine visit!

For Ted’s birthday, Auntie Christine picked up cousins Jack and Ben and flew on down for a few days. We all had lots of fun.

Here they are at Marbles in Raleigh:
2015-03-29 12.21.05

Picking them up from the airport.20150327_130348

Playing hockey.


Serious Ted and Serious Ben.
2015-03-29 11.49.22

Everyone was very excited to play with Ted’s new Hot Wheels set.

Made a stop at McD’s.  Happy Meals everywhere.

2015-03-29 13.48.26

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Horsing Around

2015-03-18 12.24.50-MOTION

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