Sarah B!

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Kids in the city

Fayetteville Street in Raleigh.

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Hold still kids!

Ted, Sarah, and their friends at the pumpkin farm.

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Sarah rolling right along

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Sarah is thirty-five months old

Thirty-five month old Sarah likes to hang out in the city, ever since she, Kate and I went into Raleigh one evening while Ted was hanging out with a friend.  She likes the statues, and the fact that we usually get ice cream on Fayetteville street when we’re there.

Here she is on the steps at the History Museum near the capital.


And here she is at the science museum, checking out a star fish.


Sarah’s not just limiting herself to city life  Here she is on a hayride at a local farm.

2014-10-19 12.33.29

We went and picked out pumpkins, fed some animals, and hung out with friends a few weeks ago.  She wasn’t all that into feeding the goats, but she did like the hay-bail slides, and the giant inflatable bouncy-house they had there.

She had lots of fun trick ‘r treating this Halloween.  She got to dress as Izzie from Jake and the Neverland Pirates (one of her favorite shows, but not the favorite. That’s My Little Pony.).   She did great, and really got into handing out candy.

Speaking of dressing up, thirty-five month old Sarah rocks the tutu. Gram gave this to her, which recently became a favorite accessory.


Sarah is busy!  In October she did story time at library, gymnastics, a moonlit walk at the library, went to the playground repeatedly, and then back to the library for Halloween crafts and the library.  The library has a lot going for it.  Books, nice people, free, kid friendly, etc. Sarah’s a big fan of it.

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Ted is seventy-nine months old

Seventy-nine month old Ted channels the power of the ninja.  He remains unseen, even in broad daylight. Here he is outside at Raleigh Times, watching for his enemies while waiting for chicken nuggets to arrive.


Unmasked, we see Ted’s eyebrows are fully independent (and not a solid axle). Seventy-nine month old Ted also has quite a few freckles near these eyebrows.


We spent an afternoon in Raleigh last month, here’s Ted. hanging out on the astroturf that covers the Raleigh skating rink.  (That’s Sarah in the background, there.)  That ninja hood sweatshirt is from the Ninjago show, his current favorite series.

2014-10-19 16.48.41

It’s not all ninja-worship, though. Ted’s been busy finishing up his first season of soccer on the red team.  He just started a gymnastics program, hoping to learn how to be a better ninja I think.  His school days are busy, with homework many nights.  Lots of reading and math assignments.


Speaking of school – Ted’s elementary school had a fall festival outdoor fundraiser this year. We all go to go and play some games, win some prizes. and eat cafeteria spaghetti and meat sauce.  The kids got their faces painted for the first time, too!

Here’s Ted smiling and looking at the camera!  I can’t believe how hard that is sometimes with kids.  It’s like, take ten or twenty pics, get one where the kids are paying attention and smiling.  Thank goodness for memory cards!

2014-10-27 19.15.04Ted’s eightieth anniversary will be busy!



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