Halloween 2014

The Green Ninja (from Ninjago) and Izzie the Pirate (from Jake & the Neverland Pirates)

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Siblings In Motion

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A Day in the Life: 6 and 2 Year-old Edition

Here is a little glimpse of what life is like right now with a six year old and two year old.  On weekdays the kids and I get out of bed anywhere from 6:30 to 7:30.  I say, “get out of bed” because frequently Sarah is the first one up and I will make her get into bed with me until I am a little more awake.  She is not a fan of that, as she would like to watch tv.

At 7:30 we eat breakfast.  Sarah is on an Alpha-Bits cereal kick (She is way into trying to learn her letters).  She eats it dry with a cup of milk, and occasionally has a side of applesauce or something else.  Ted is on a blueberry nutrigrain waffle kick.  I always have ice coffee and then either a mini whole wheat bagel with peanut butter, or oatmeal, or a waffle.

Ted runs off a lot to read or play with Legos or hide and pretend to be a ninja.  Sarah begs for tv a lot.  She definitely doesn’t get to watch tv while Ted gets ready, because he would get sucked in and not actually get ready.

They get dressed.  Ted picks out his own clothes these days, unlike kindergarten where I would give him a few choices and lay out his outfit the night before.  He likes to wear the same color shirt and shorts so he can pretend to be a ninja of whatever color he has chosen.  His favorite show is Ninjago (which is Lego ninjas) and the ninjas all have their own signature color.  His favorite is the green ninja.

Sarah also insists on picking out her own clothes.  For a few weeks she was insisting on wearing Ted’s shirts, but she is mostly back to her own wardrobe now.  She is still choosing two different socks and frequently wears them with crocs.  Trying to choose my battles, so I let that go.

I make Ted’s lunch and snack and pack up all his homework, etc.  Someday, hopefully soon, the backpack packing will be turned over to Ted.  The kids brush their teeth and we all get in the car to drop off Ted.  Sarah and I come back home and I exercise and shower while Sarah gets to watch tv. Sidenote: There is never enough tv for Sarah.  She could watch it all day and she would complain that she couldn’t watch it all night.  Makes me want to cut it out completely except for the sweet sweet convenience of tv babysitting while I get ready.

Then depending on the day we either go to her gymnastics class, or play outside with the neighbors, or go to Lisa’s, or go to story time and the park with friends.  Around noon we either eat lunch at home or Lisa’s or the park.  We read books and I sing to her. Then she takes a nap from around 1:00 to 3:00ish.  Around 3:15 we leave to get Ted.  Most of the time we walk to get him and Sarah rides in the stroller. Since it is just over a mile, if the weather looks like possible rain we will drive and park closer to the school and walk from there.  Sarah has started walking back home instead of riding in the stroller.

When we get home Ted does his homework and eats a snack.  He doesn’t usually complain that he has to do it, but it does take him a long time to complete.  Not the math though, he zips right through that.  It is the book “decoding” and writing that holds him up.  I don’t blame him.  I love reading, but I have no interest in analyzing the author’s intention in every book I read.  And the books they send home aren’t exactly page turners.

During this time Sarah colors, looks at books, begs for tv, plays pretend, goes outside, or uses the Tag Reader.  Currently she is way into the Tag Reader and exploring the books that go with it.

When Ted gets his homework done it is usually not long before Pat gets home but depending on the day we frequently play outside in that time.  Ted almost always wants to play ninjas.  Sarah is way more into “weapons” than any 2 year old girl should be.  The “weapons” of choice these days are former plastic golf clubs with the ends removed that the kids use as pretend swords/lightsabers/etc.   And of course they love playing on the swingset too.

As soon as Pat gets home we make and eat dinner.  Then it is time for the bed time routine. Once the kids are in bed (around 8:00) I watch tv on my laptop or read on my Kindle.  Pat either does work or watches a show or both.  And that is our day.  I love it.

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Kiddos at the park


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