Sarah talks about her cousin Ben

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Right now both kids are in gymnastics classes.  Sarah has been going at 11:05 on Mondays, but we are in the process of moving her up a level, so it will be a new time very soon. When I mentioned to her the idea of switching classes and the chance that she might have a different teacher, I thought she would protest, because her teacher is awesome.  In true Sarah fashion (meaning, proving me wrong) she said she wanted a new teacher and could not wait to switch.  This all happened before Christmas, so I didn’t end up switching her right away.  She spent December asking about her new class.  Then we went to a Christmas party that the gymnastics center hosted and Sarah spent the whole time finding and hugging her teacher, who is also named Sarah.  Since then she has been way excited about Miss Sarah.


I finally got around to picking a new time slot (none of them were as ideal as the Monday at 11:05.)  On Tuesday we did a trial of a new class.  The teacher was one she knew and liked because the teacher is at the studio at the same time as Sarah’s current class.  I liked it because it was the only class at the studio at that time, meaning I could actually park in the parking lot, and I had a nice conversation with the other moms in the class.  Well, Sarah comes out of the class and tells the teacher that she doesn’t want to switch because she wants to be in Miss Sarah’s class.  The teacher said she understood because Miss Sarah is her best friend.  Luckily Miss Sarah does teach the level we are trying to switch into, unfortunately for me the time isn’t as convenient.  Hopefully we will be able to try out that class this coming week.

Ted’s class is on Tuesday nights.  I somehow manage to forget this class every Tuesday night.  Luckily Pat always remembers.  The studio is super crowded during Ted’s class. There are three other classes happening at the same time.  We watch the kids through a big glass window from the waiting area into the gym.  During Ted’s class there is a dance class of teenagers that perform right in front of the glass and frequently block our view of Ted.  The teens also like to lounge up against the glass, as though there wasn’t a room full of grown ups staring in (it is regular glass, so they can definitely see us.)  Because the waiting room is so crowded and it is hard to get glimpses of Ted anyway, Sarah and I usually stay home and Pat takes Ted to class.  Ted really loves the class and is excited to go. I am glad that he is working on his strength and coordination.

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We went to the great NC Zoo in Asheboro to celebrate New Years this year.  It was a great time, even with the chilly weather.  We saw a polar bear, otter, harbor seal, wolves, a black bear, a grizzly bear, some turtles, and this bobcat that was very active.  The kids favorite part continues to be the playground.




2015-01-01 15.30.08

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Helping carry stuff at Home Depot.

20141206_173544 20141207_105025 IMG_20141204_193231

Chick-Fil-A for supper!IMG_20141206_180329

Ninja Siblings!IMG_20141213_115428

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Family photos

Rare is the JPG that captures the four of us together!  Most of the time our lenses are pointed at Ted and Sarah exclusively.  Here’s a few of us all together.

From the Christmas parade in our town.


At Deer Island Park.  IMG_20141222_104154

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Annual Report, 2014

Another year passed here at  It was certainly busy, but not as much as 2013, which was nuts.  Though not as snowy as 2014 was.  The beginning of the year was cold and snowy, and school and work were missed!

wpid-IMG_20140119_112638.jpg   DSC07837   wpid-IMG_20140120_165215.jpg

Ted lost his first tooth, too! In February we spent a weekend at Myrtle Beach, and that was lots of fun.

wpid-IMG_20140202_154941.jpg   wpid-IMG_20140312_174526.jpg   IMG_20140311_192307

In March, Sarah and I saw Dinosaur Train live.  Grandpa Al visited, and Auntie Christine visited too for Ted’s birthday. In April Kristen, Josh and Abby stopped by, too!

wpid-img_196802693097674.jpeg   13954189258_4b8e22109b_b   wpid-img_20140618_193351.jpg

In May Kate and I got to go away for a whole weekend, thanks to Auntie Christine.  Ted learned to ride his bike and started his 3rd season of Baseball (with assist. coach Dad). In June Kate and I celebrated being married for 10 years!

IMG_1257   2014-07-10 18.37.34   10450174_10153083120977542_6720247942785564702_n

In July we took a big road trip up to New England.  Ted started swimming lessons. We had a visit from Pops and Gram!  In August Ted started 1st grade.  In September we had a visit from Grandpa, and I had a week-long conference in Boston.

2014-10-31 14.41.29   IMG_20141019_154805   IMG_20141126_142338

In October Kate wrote a great day in the life post. Sarah upgraded to a big kid bed.   In November we celebrated Thanksmas in Florida, and Sarah turned 3!  December was super busy, with lots of activities and our big trip up to New England.

wpid-2014-12-23-11.12.27.png.png wpid-2014-12-21-16.39.29.jpg.jpeg 10895214_510237305784776_621129315_n


Previous Annual Reports

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Sarah is thirty-seven months old

There were only a few flakes to be seen during Sarah’s thirty-seventh month, and she was determined to catch at least one of them.  We had lots of fun on our trip up north for Christmas, and we didn’t have to shovel any snow!

2014-12-21 14.58.19

No real snow, but lots of frosting snow to put on gingerbread houses.  After Ted built his at school, she wanted to make one too.  We’ve noticed that Sarah eats frosting-things very differently than Ted did at her age – she likes to eat a little bit of the frosting and then not-much-else.

2014-12-18 12.36.48

Sarah’s of a mindset now that if you can be Wonder Woman, than you should be.  A few times I week I’ll see her dressed up in her new favorite superhero outfit.  This is a family tradition. 2014-12-02 10.13.18-MIX

Sarah’s started drawing people now!  And a fine job she’s doing.


In other Sarah news:

* Sarah started off her 37th month a day after coming home from Florida!

* Sarah’s gymnastics instructor is also named Sarah, and they get along very well.

* Sarah was a great traveler on our long road trip to Massachusetts.  We are grateful to the manufacturers of tablet computers for this.

* Sarah had her first sleepover away from parents and our house on our trip! She stayed with Ben and Jack and did great!  She was super excited and Kate and I were super-excited to have a date night!  (Sarah’s done nights w/out mom and dad before, just not in another house).

* Sarah (and Ted) got to spend time with family from Kate’s side on our trip – Auntie Jan, Uncle Paul, Aunt Janet, Aunt Judy, Uncle Howard, Cousin Martha, Cousin Cory.  Good to see them all!


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