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Ted outside

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The Kids


On a laid back Sunday morning.

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Action Ted

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Dance party


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Grandpa Al’s Visit

A few from Grandpa’s visit last month.



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Sarah is thirty-four months old

Sarah is thirty-four months old, and is very excited about coloring.  And lots of other things. Gymnastics class for one. She loves it, and we’ve signed her up for more classes. The teacher says she’s very good at following directions.

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Like her brother, Sarah is known to fall asleep mid-task.  Here she is mid-juice box.

2014-09-21 12.47.09

Speaking of sleeping – she’s gone full big-kid bed now, and is doing a pretty good job with it.  She’s right on track with thirty-four month old Ted, who had just transitioned out of the crib, too.

2014-09-07 20.34.29

After some issues with staying in bed, she has gone back to taking regular naps, usually for a couple hours every afternoon.

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Here’s Sarah with family friend Lisa, reading a story together.  Kate and Sarah go and visit her still once a week.  Sarah is ready to read, if only she knew how.  She can recite the entire alphabet, and identify most letters.  She can count to 16 sometimes.

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Other Sarah observations:

* Sarah would prefer you not call her a baby anymore.  She’s a kid, and will call you out if you call her a baby. Sternly.

* Sarah does like a little TV.  Favorites include Jake & The Neverland Pirates as well as SuperWhy and My Little Pony.

* Sarah is totally pumped for Halloween and decorations.

* She can swing on a swing set on her own, though she still likes a push.

* Sarah likes having neighbors about the same age, and going to Story Time at the library with them.

* She likes to make up her own songs (usually taking lyrics from multiple songs, combining them together).  She even rhymes the lyrics!

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