Ted is a first-grader!

Today was Ted’s first day of first grade!


Sarah would very much like to spend time at school, too.

10494569_10153083120967542_7939948607555317067_n 10450174_10153083120977542_6720247942785564702_n

He’s grown quite a bit since last year!

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The Google+ website takes similar pics and merges them into these animated gifs. Sometimes they’re great, sometimes not, and sometimes they’re just weird. Like this one.

2014-07-06 16.56.02-MOTION

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Forth of July Parade

Some pics from last month’s 4th of July parade!  It was damp, but lots of fun.

Sarah was very excited to have some Del’s and watch the marchers.IMG_20140704_110700

Auntie with the kids.

Here’s Sarah warming up the crowd before the parade started.IMG_20140704_103714 2014-07-04 13.59.11
2014-07-04 13.58.53 2014-07-04 13.58.11

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Sarah is thirty-two months old

I’m not sure what thirty-two month old Sarah is doing/thinking in this picture.  We were out at the local park for a town concert.  Maybe she’s thinking really hard about the msuic, or maybe she’s pointing to her teeth.  Who knows.

2014-07-17 19.23.04

I do know that there’s just about nothing better than the kid-rushing-into-your-arms-at-the-end-of-a-long-work-day feeling.  It is the best.

2014-07-16 17.32.44

(You know what else is the best?  That red car in the background.  So happy with it.)

Sarah likes to paint!  Watercolor is her medium of choice.  Thirty-two month old Ted liked chalk. Sarah, Ted, & Kate are more than halfway through the summer now, and it’s been super busy, with lots of activities (like painting), friends, and stuff going on like every day.

2014-07-22 10.07.17

Sarah’s first cassette-tape book-reading here, one of Kate’s Disney books from her childhood.  The story was a little spooky, but we think Sarah handled it well.  On the literacy front, we’re pretty sure she knows that letters in books are letters (she points out the letter O a lot) and that numbers are related to counting.   She also has started memorizing the lines to favorite books, and repeating them to us when we read to her.

2014-07-25 15.49.22

Attempted pigtails in month thirty-two.

2014-07-30 09.36.12-1

More thirty-two month old Sarah notes:

- She registered a nightmare where I apparently had a giant nose. It must have been huge based on the way she described it.

- Month thirty-two had Pops and Gram visiting, and us visiting our northern friends and family.

- Potty training!  Month thirty-two was challenging.  Month 33 is off to a better start.

- Sarah went bowling for the first time this past month and did well.  She also went to library story-times a couple of times and loved it.

- Lots of trips to the local pool this month.


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Sunday afternoon Lego time



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Ted is seventy-six months old

2014-07-26 10.35.06

It makes me happy that seventy-six month old Ted isn’t too cool for a Batman mask.  He’s been sporting superhero gear for years.

With great power, comes great responsibility – like yard work.  Here’s Ted raking some rubber mulch around the play set.  Your old tires are recycled into bouncing nuggets for our kids and neighbor’s kids to wipe out/crash on.


2014-07-24 15.02.55

During Ted’s seventy-sixth month, he got to go to Camp Invention – science summer camp! It was cool, he got to take apart things, design new inventions, and even make an electric car.  Pretty cool.


Ted also got a hair cut in July.  It was time! Here he is before:

2014-07-17 19.23.10

And right after.  Handsome dude.
2014-07-20 12.37.28

Other Ted-notes:

- No sign of any new lose teeth. Those first two came flying out, but nothing since.

- Big month for swimming.  Took lessons and swam on his own for a little bit!  We joined our community pool and Kate and the kids (and their friends) have been spending lots of time there.

- Also a big month for family.  We visited lots of folks up north, and then Pops and Gram came up to visit us too!


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Dance Party

2014-06-11 11.45.08-MOTION

2014-06-15 09.15.05-4-MOTION


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