Ted, with hamburger

Ted, with hamburger

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2015-06-05 12.47.38-ANIMATION (1)

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20150605_135721-ANIMATION (1)

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11378981_395350437321447_339196879_n 2015-06-04 10.53.21 11325088_381099535424102_1053727160_n

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Sarah on the swings

Sarah on the swings

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Sarah is forty-three months old


Sarah, just like her brother, is into books.  She’s very excited about trips to the library, story time, and reading with her parents.11419208_411672715700164_258870293_n

She may or may not have a secret identify.11378858_806385722790513_1774920394_n 11326694_1013782905333851_64877860_n

Forty-three month old Sarah helped make me Father’s Day waffles this year.  Ted was into some baking during his forty-third month, too. 11247990_398240370374286_1916231446_n

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Ted is eighty-seven months old

We are late with the monthiversary posts this month, we just got back from almost two weeks up north.


Ted finished up 1st grade during his eighty-seventh motnth! He got an award for Creative Kid and Fairness.  2015-06-04 10.20.46

Ted reads everything and anything he can get his hands on. 11311110_810376479040809_311831340_n


Ted also can put together some pretty complicated Lego sets.  He put together this Ninjago tank monster thing.20150613_152610 1530784_380644482143018_1076406657_n

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