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A few more recent photos of Ted.




Here he is on campus at Meredith College for his Lego Robotics class. He had lots of fun.  20150207_094933 20150207_120144


And here’s a photo of him with a paper version of the game Sorry that he and Kate made during last month’s snow weeks.  It worked well when we all played!10963820_820860837986257_818909391_n

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Snow Days

February brought a lot of snow and ice our way (and by a lot, I definitely mean a lot for North Carolina.  Other parts of the country had ludicrous amounts of snow during this time.)
2015-02-24 11.44.07 2015-02-17 11.09.29

Crunchy ice in the driveway.  A good day for me to work from home.2015-02-17 11.10.36

Kate was able to come up with some improvised sleds.2015-02-17 11.42.28

Ted was home with Kate and Sarah for most of two weeks.  That’s two years in a row where we’ve had enough ice to cancel school for multiple days.

2015-02-17 11.42.48

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2015-03-15 18.40.44-MOTION

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Science Center

Last month we went to the Greensboro Science Center.  It’s a science museum, aquarium, and zoo in one place, and it’s pretty great.

Sarah’s favorite part (despite the very awesome penguins right behind her) is this submarine you can climb into.20150131_121210



Ted uses his incredible mind to summon the power of lightning!

Sarah contemplating the size of the human heart at the human body exhibit. 20150131_151128

Fun day with the family. This was our second trip there.

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We keep the kids in clothes hampers at night.  Saves a lot of space on beds.2015-02-25 11.49.59

Giant swing!2015-02-22 16.34.19 IMG_20150222_163411



Sledding in North Carolina.2015-02-24 12.30.27

Science museum siblings.20150131_145342

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Playing with Legos.  Ted’s got a very respectable collection built up.2015-02-20 11.54.53


Walking trail.20150222_165834

Making lasagna.2015-02-16 16.56.20

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