Sarah’s first day of preschool

Sarah had her first day of preschool this week!  She did great.  It’s the same building that Ted was in for his preschool (though they’re under different management now, so things are a little different there.)  She’ll go twice a week for now.

2015-08-31 08.26.09

Just like Ted’s first day of preschool, it was raining.
2015-08-31 08.48.32-1 2015-08-31 08.49.09

One of Sarah’s friends from the neighborhood is in her class!

2015-08-31 12.34.19 2015-08-31 08.52.26-1

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Ted’s first day of 2nd grade

Ted had his first day of second grade this week!
2015-08-24 08.28.17

New backpack, new wing in the school, full-sized textbooks, and a bigger desks!

2015-08-24 08.34.51

Ted starting first grade. Ted starting Kindergarden.  Ted starting preschool.

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20150705_104233-ANIMATION 20150708_144919-ANIMATION 20150710_112135-ANIMATION

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Sarah and

Sarah and Grandma.20150705_165636

Sarah and Auntie Christine.2015-07-11 14.08.26

Sarah and Auntie Kim.2015-07-10 12.37.03

Sarah and giant radio antennas, and Auntie Christine.2015-07-10 11.42.26

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Reviewing 2nd grade school supplies

Reviewing 2nd grade school supplies

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Saturday night's alright for ice cream.

Saturday night's alright for ice cream.

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Sarah in art class

Sarah in art class

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